Michelle shafagh

Michelle loves her job as a Pacific Northwest real estate broker and continues to stay up to date with the latest law changes, market & trends, mortgage information and technology. With her level of experience and collective interests, she has been able to cultivate her passions into a career where she can pass her expertise, knowledge and skills on to her clients and is committed to helping them in any and every way she can.

“What sets me apart from most real estate brokers is my hard work and commitment to you: I return calls quickly. I get you information and analysis without delay. I listen to you and your needs and I know how to minimize the stress of the real estate transaction. Experience speaks for itself: I have many years in the industry and have successfully managed real estate transactions all over the Puget Sound region. I know how to negotiate in any market. If these qualifications matter to you, you’ve come to the right spot. Contact me so I can put the power of me and my team to work for you”.

Michelle has been involved in real estate since the 1990’s and has had her Managing Broker’s license since 2005. She comes from a background in environmental education, green building & sustainable design.